Shoot planning

Get this right, and breathe easy

shoot planning and co-ordination

At this point, we’ve completed a few of the key stages of pre-production. We have developed a winning concept that is uniquely you, your script has been written and re-written to perfection, the storyboards have everyone working off the same page, the locations and talent booked. Now, we jump into production and actually getting this thing shot.

In planning for the shoot, we consider everything from locations, to talent, to permissions, to fees, to people, places and other logistics. The result is a video production experience that is stress-free – the “Konkar Media experience”. The process of filming comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles, this is why the attention to detail that we put into our pre-production stage is so important. All the work we have done in pre-production can be enjoyed now because our detail oriented planning and our expertise will allow a filming process that will see no surprises or obstacles that cannot be easily overcome.

Not only are we able to provide a hassle-free production, we will also plan according to your particular needs. Everything will be taken care of by us, but we strive to have the entire shoot centred around you and your company. Planning will be done with your schedule in mind in order to keep you involved in the entire process. This way, if there are any details you wish to change during the shooting, we can react quickly and accordingly. If you see something that you don’t particularly like or perhaps have a better idea for how it should be presented it is much easier to change during the filming process than it is to go back after your video is completed. We are very flexible and aim to please whenever possible, even on the smallest of details.

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