Location sound

Quality sound recording is key


Here’s some wisdom: to achieve the absolute highest production value possible you need to have a strong emphasis on sound quality. Even more than the quality of the visuals! Poor sound quality can destroy a production and leave your video ‘looking’ cheap. A number of factors come into play when dealing with sound. Appropriate microphones must be chosen for the scene, set-up properly, and must NOT be visible on screen.

This poses many challenges that need to be overcome. On a closed set, the sound engineer can focus on proper set-ups and working a mixer to get proper sound levels, making life a little easier. When it comes to locations, things get a whole lot more complicated. There are certain subtleties that complicate the engineer’s job. With technology advancing and high sensitivity mics we can hear everything; an air conditioning unit, a plane overhead, or a dog barking down the street.

All of these extra sounds will have to be accounted for during the shoot, and either waited out or somehow resolved. Fortunately, we have seen and dealt with it all. Our team won’t be caught by surprise on shoot days and our unique knowledge of all situations allows us to quickly resolve any potential issues. Our sound team is dedicated to one single job, recording the best possible sound. We don’t want them to be distracted with other jobs while on set. Many other production houses will delegate sound to another member of the crew; whether it be the director, cinematographer or anyone else.

This is just not acceptable. We demand our teams to be fully dedicated to their particular line of work, and completely distraction free. This way, we know that we are getting the most efficiency and passion out of every aspect of your video production.