Concept Development

It all starts here

To make a video truly something special, it starts right here with concept development. The starting place for any project in any field. This is where we sit down together and have everyone’s creative voices heard. This stage is so important because it is where we all get on the same page and define a voice. We will take your concept, brand, and message, and provide our expert video production advice to establish a strong direction. Even if you don’t have a concept in mind, that’s ok, we can present you with a number of concepts that you’re sure to love.

Our team has combined experience on thousands of video projects, and we’re creating unique videos for our clients all the time. It’s this vast amount of experience that allows us to push ourselves (and your project) to new heights. We’re on top of current and emerging video trends and styles, so you aren’t going to get a video that was the same as something popular last year, you’re going to get a video concept that is unique to you and primed to push you into the future.

We are comfortable with any style of video, any tone, in any market. We won’t shy away from anything. With a┬áskilled teams of animators, motion graphic designers and live-talent, your video is going to fully embrace the direction we decide upon. Other producers may specialise in only one style of video and will push you into to their strengths; even if it doesn’t suit you. With us, our experience allows for a limitless approach. Whether you come to us with a few examples of what you like, you work hand-in-hand with our team to create something from scratch, or you kick back and let our creative team handle it all, you’re getting the best South Africa has to offer in video and film production. .