Turning ideas and concepts, into reality

Konkar Media Video Production

When creating your story, you will already have a goal in mind of how you want to be presented, what the focus should be and the desired effect for your marketing spend. Whether it is brand awareness, product promotion, intent to purchase or brand loyalty and satisfaction, we work with you to develop the right image for your video. The pre-production stage is an important process as it becomes the framework the entire project is based on. Successful planning during pre-production ensures your project moves smoothly during filming, and there is no confusion or unnecessary slow-down when entering production. We take all steps of pre-production seriously. It becomes essential to nail your core ideas and thoughts during this starting point, making sure we fully understand your vision, by taking the time to listen exactly to what you want to achieve. This is just one of the reasons why we are the South African video production studio that are known for our client service, and people come back again and again for the Ipermedia experience.

Video Pre-Production Konkar Media

We start by discussing the themes, thoughts and ideas that make your project unique, clarifying key details of what you want to accomplish, before we start expanding these specifics during the pre-production process. We always keep you fully informed and updated every step of the way, so the choices you need to make are straightforward and simple. As experts in corporate video production services SA, we understand what is required to ensure the final edited video is on brand, on topic and has the ‘wow’ factor to stand out in today’s marketplace.

Concept development

Before any of the tangible steps of pre-production can begin, we will delve into your video’s concept design and development, brainstorming creative ways and techniques that will be used to achieve your video’s intended message and goals. Concept development is the stage where ideas are expanded and given life.

We work directly with you to recognise the areas of your concept to focus on and grow. A rookie mistakes during concept development is having a lack of direction on what to focus on, or spreading you too thin over a wide range of content. With our years of experience, we know exactly where to concentrate our efforts to maximise your corporate video production.

Concept development is also the phase we look at the best methods to bring your video to life. For some products and services, Animation or Motion Graphics will create the wow factor, whereas others need live video with a cast.

Whatever your requirements, we have the solutions and expertise to get the most out of the concepts you want to share with your market. This experience is what separates us from other South African corporate video production studios.


Successful Video Production

There’s a lot that goes into filming a TV commercial, corporate video, or film production before the cameras start rolling. One of the major keys to success in every film project is determining the best possible film production that we can create while staying within your budget. We’ll meet to discuss your project goals, hopes, and desires to be sure that we are all working together. In addition, you’ll stay in the loop every step of the way–from pre-production to filming to final product delivery.

Corporate video production with the experts

Video pre-production covers the elements that are needed to bring the whole video together with the style needed to represent your brand exactly how you want. As industry experts, Ipermedia has the know how to bring your company to life, in a way the audience will remember. You can count on us to make your corporate video shine!  

Once we have the concept firmly in place, we move through to scriptwriting. Depending on the project, this may simply be the titles and text throughout the video, or a fully detailed script. Our team has years of experience in scriptwriting and write to portray your business in the light you want it presented. Our team write to portray your product or service only in the light you want it presented. Regardless of your target market, we know the best language and voice to fit your script, a script that speaks directly to your key audience. It is our expertise during this screenplay writing process that allows us to hit on the core themes of your video production. Despite the required size or type of script, our writers are highly experienced and cover all genres, providing an exciting, creative approach to forming your written content. This ensures it will resonate with your viewers in a unique, effective way. We know film and video are first and foremost a visual medium, so our team writes visually, understanding the main goal is to show your audience what separates you from the rest. By using this process, it allows you to check on the creative design process at any point and even leave us feedback on the changes you want to see. We also give you the ability to make edits yourself as you certainly will be allowed full access to the content. By following this set procedure we make sure that the client and our writers are always working ‘on the same page.’

Once you are 100% satisfied with the script, we break it down into individual scenes and what for the scene. This is called storyboarding and is a crucial part of the pre-production procedure. If we need extra props, backgrounds and sets to be created or hired, here is where we expand the finer details and make sure the transition into production is as efficient and hassle-free as possible. The storyboard will also be used to further reinforce the visual look and feel of your production, making sure nothing is missed or overlooked. By doing the work now and planning each specific scene, it will lessen the time spent on the set and avoid any unseen, negative surprises that could make the product suffer. As your corporate video production South African experts, trust in us to turn your initial thoughts and ideas into a proper working concept, fleshing it out with detailed scripting and growing it to a fully, visualised storyboard.

One of the major keys to success in every film project is determining the best possible film production that we can create while staying within your budget. For some videos, on site at your corporate offices may provide the best background for the production, for others you may need a studio space, some with green screens, or other special location requirements. We take care of this for you and provide appropriate choices that help to effectively deliver your message. Our years of experience allow us to understand the needs and requirements of your message and expertly deliver it in a way that portrays your company and resonates your message directly to your intended audience.

With your brand firmly in mind, we choose appropriate talent to showcase your company, your products and your services. As the premier video production house in South Africa, we naturally have a strong relationship with other top tier talent organisations. Through our networks, can to provide the right people for every job. No other production company can achieve what we achieve, and this is because we draw the best available people, who want to work with the best. Our partnerships cover every aspect of video production; this includes South Africa’s best casting agencies for actors, voice actors, and models. We are also able to bolster our ranks when required. There are certain projects that require a greater number of crew members then we have in-house. Not a problem; if this happens to be your project, we can quickly secure talented individuals whom we trust and are comfortable working together with. Animators, editors, graphics designers; if your project requires more hands on deck, we will deliver. Maybe other production houses will say that they can offer the same kind of talent we can , but here’s the thing, having access to top-tier talent doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the ingredients for success. You need the knowledge for you will need with a specific task and how to use it. We will provide our expertise to establish what is best for your video production. We will hand-pick the best people to work on your video, based on our years of experience in the industry and years of experience working with the right people. There is a delicate balance when it comes to delivering your message. Choosing the appropriate talent to achieve the feel and look you want is another added advantage. We have partnerships with South Africas best casting agencies, as well as actors and model’s boards. We can provide a myriad of options in terms of voiceover, narration, actors and presenters.

A Smooth Transition into Production

With all of the above steps and procedures, remember we handle all the information, treatments and storyboards for you to review so we can make certain of the right outcome for the right project. We will always be available to meet and discuss your project goals, hopes, and desires to be sure that we are all working together. In addition, you’ll stay in the loop every step of the way–from pre-production to filming to final product delivery.

Never forget our crew members are all artisans in their respective crafts. From directors to cinematographers, editors to motion designers and animators, we work with the best, making us the first choice as your corporate video production South Africa studio.

Throughout the pre-production process, we will be in contact with feedback and input when appropriate to ensure we are keeping to the vision, guiding you through every step along the way. When we put our heads together for your film production, you will discover how concept creation can build your corporate video to achieve something greater than the original concept.

When you work with Konkar Media, you don’t just get a company, you get an entire team.