Welcome to Konkar Media

Video production for the engagement generation


A full service production house

We specialise in Video Production and Post Production, Motion Graphics and animation

proof's in the pudding

All the talk in the world doesn’t prove a thing. Our proof is in our work - you can’t fake great work.


Pre-production services

From concept development, to script writing, storyboarding, location scouting to casting. We will guide you through the pre-production process.


Video production

The core of Konkar Media’s services, we produce film and video for TV, commercials, corporate videos, websites, documentaries, music videos and more. Our video production services include a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, crew and all gear.


Post-production services

Completing the circle, we provide editing and finishing for all videos we produce. Our award winning editors combine the latest hardware and software, to create your story.


Motion design

We don’t just edit. We have a team of motion designers that can bring the “niiiice” to your production. From custom designed motion titles, to animated infographics, and cinema colour grades, our motion designers take our projects to the ‘next level’.



Konkar Media offers 2d, 2.5d and 3d animation. Whether you are interested a character based style, motion graphics, stop motion or anything in between, with have illustrators, animators and designers that provide high level corporate animation.


Time lapse photography

We provide time lapse photography solutions for construction & mining projects, marketing and promotional films and more. Our time lapse system is fully independent – utilising 3G connectivity and solar power.