Directing & Producing

The core of excellent video production

Directors in Corporate Video Production

When novice film enthusiasts think of filmmaking their mind immediately swings to the director and dreams of money, glory and respect. This can pose a problem as it bloats the market with directors who get into the game for the wrong reasons, which leads to bad directing.

A good director can save a bad film production and make it work despite all the odds, but, a bad director can do quite the opposite. Fortunately, at konkar media, our directors are highly-talented, experienced and do it for the love of the art, above all else. This passion drives us to get better every day, to understand that we always need to grow and use a fresh approach when taking on each new project. Our directors have thousands of video production projects to their name in all areas of the industry. We are experienced in TV, movies, music videos, commercial and corporate films and hold countless awards for our prestigious work. Our directors have a wealth of experience not only behind the camera, but, in every aspect of video production. We strive to bring together and develop the most well-rounded, complimentary team of artists of any Brisbane video production house as we know a knowledgeable and cohesive team ensures open, constructive communication at all stages of the endeavour. This creates an optimal, stress-free environment as everyone is kept in the loop and on-target to bring about a film which achieves client wishes and communicates their intended message.

Our director will sit down with you (along with the producer and other relevant staff) to discuss your needs, including such things as:

  • What sort of video you require
  • Where it will be broadcast (what medium)
  • What message you’d like to convey
  • Who is your audience/target market
  • What tone and feel you wish to communicate
  • When you need it finished by
  • How much budget you have to work with
  • Any specifics if you have already been brainstorming ideas

Konkar Media has a special mix of talented and dedicated people, core filmic principals coupled with new proven techniques and cutting edge technology.

Once our team leaders understand what you’d like to achieve they will discuss the realities, constraints and viability of your proposals so you have a clear idea of what we will be able to do for you and how we will go about it. The director will then collaborate with key crew during pre-production to develop the script, decide on locations, envisage the shot-list, hand-pick talent and so on, to ready everything for the filming stage. During the shoot the director will have creative control, coaching the actors, instructing the film crew and dictating the action of each scene. The producer will step in as necessary to make sure the schedule, budget and industry rules and standards are adhered to. During post-production the director oversees the editor by periodically checking up on how the editing is progressing. They will ensure our post production team convey the desired message, realise the artistic vision, achieve the right tone and ideal sound and so on.

The open, collaborative environment will seamlessly bring your corporate video to life, thus giving you a one of a kind video which will put you ahead of the pack. we have endeavoured to retain our competitive edge by understanding more than just our own niche. We stay on top of all the latest developments in filming techniques, new equipment and trends across all aspects of commercial and entertainment film areas. This broad knowledge and commitment to excellence distinguishes us from other film production companies and allows us to position your business as best as possible with a unique final product which ticks all your boxes and brings that elusive X-factor to the table. To be the best, you have to work with the best, and that’s why companies choose konkar media for their video production needs. Our directors don’t treat your video like a factory, pumping out one after another. They are active through the entire process, adding their insight and wisdom to the project to help develop the proper feel when it comes time to shoot. This ability to draw the most out of a production is the essence of a great director.

Producers Role in Video Production

An often misunderstood aspect of video production and filmmaking. Producers can have very different roles during any given project. Some are solely money-people who fund a project, while other times they take on many more responsibilities. These are the people who first and foremost get the ball rolling by seizing opportunity and bringing together the crew and cast to make their vision a reality. They predominantly deal with the business side of things behind the scenes by utilising their connections, fostering good relations and keeping all the people involved on the same page. At konkar media our producers will handle all the scheduling required across the entire project from pre-production to post-production, as well as, the business dealings. We can assure you, our producers are tenacious leaders in their field and multi-tasking experts, always working hard to keep your video on track and make our lives easier. They are an intrinsic part of our team, holding a position equally as important as the director, or, the talent.

The Video Producers Role During Filming

On our end, all of the talent, location and crew is directed by the producers. They will also ensure that all the proper equipment is on hand, that all proper permits are obtained and the entire shoot is covered by the proper insurance. On your end, the producer will keep in close contact with you, all the while making sure your needs are being met and you are well informed about what exactly is happening and what needs to be done. During the actual filming process they will specifically take on a 1st Assistant Director role by being present on set and handling the day-to-day scheduling and co-ordination. The director may be the creative leader on set, but, the producer has the final say when it comes to ensuring the film crew doesn’t go over budget during the shooting. By our producer taking the reins of daily scheduling and pro-active planning the film crew is kept on task and no manpower is wasted. This is achieved by the producer drawing up a shooting schedule during pre-production. To arrive at the final shooting schedule the producer will play out every possible scenario and variation depending on shots needed, actor availability, locations, resources, time constraints and more to arrive at the most efficient and seamless final plan for the entire shoot. This plan is tweaked daily during filming as needed. This results in your budget being adhered to and the film crew knowing ahead of time exactly what scene and camera angle is to be shot each day and when so they can organise the set-up accordingly, achieve the director’s vision and get the most out of the shoot.