Script Development

The backbone of every video


The script development process begins after we all agree on the strong concept that has been developed. Through this stage our team takes all of the elements from the concept development stage and really brings them together. We aim to involve the client as much as possible – that might seem like a hassle at first, but rest assured that this doesn’t involve emailing and chasing. We use Google docs to allow you to drop in on the process anytime you want, check out how things are going in real-time, make edits and leave feedback in an instant. We use technology to its fullest to allow you the smoothest, most stress free experience possible that keeps you directly involved in the entire process.

Every video is only as good as it’s script, so we make sure the script is nailed before rolling any tape (or, hard drive, as it were…). Our team has years of experience in every imaginable genre and format. We will take the concept that we have developed and write a script to bring out the tone that will best represent you.

Writing is a complicated art in which the words you don’t write, are just as important as the words you do. Every single word has its place. That’s why it is so important to rely on the pros. Scripts come in all lengths, styles and forms. We will help you developed a script that is exactly right for you. That might mean a dialogue heavy script, a technical script, a fun script or just titles and text overlays. Whatever the case, you can be sure our creative team will absolutely nail it with something that portrays what you are all about.

We feel very strongly about our own image, so you can expect the same dedication out of us on your video production.

To find out more about how Konkar Media can help you with script development, and video production, contact us now.