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A full service production house

We specialise in Video Production and Post Production, Motion Graphics and animation

proof's in the pudding

All the talk in the world doesn’t prove a thing. Our proof is in our work - you can’t fake great work.


What can we do for you?

A unique blend of video production, motion design, animation, and the use of these to create connection with the viewer.

Video Production

Providing the planning, production and post-production services in Brisbane, across Australia, and abroad.

Motion Graphics

Konkar Media specialises in motion graphics. Whether as complimentary elements in a live motion project, or standalone motion graphic based videos.


We have both 2d and 3d animation capabilities in house and create animated logos, corporate branding and infographics.

For industry leading video production Konkar media is your go-to. We specialise in corporate video, commercial and promotional video, music video, broadcast TV and film.


We have over thirteen years of experience. That experience means our clients can be confident in professional outcomes, every time. Our team combines seasoned experience with youthful creativity. We push the boundaries of standard corporate video production – always aiming to create something just a little bit ‘spesh’.

While we work on the full spectrum of video production projects – we don’t just have ‘point and shoot’ film expertise. We work with client in development of creative concepts, and then guide them on a journey of production. From discovery and concept development, through to scriptwriting, storyboarding, on set video production, post production and editing, animation and visual effects. In short, we’re not your run-of-the-mill video production company.


Whether you’re looking to create a video solely for web-distribution, TV, or the big screen, we have the right tools for the job. We combine the latest technologies with refined video production techniques, to create interesting visuals, and tell corporate and commercial stories.

What’s your story?

Everyone has a story. Whether it’s the story of a product, a company, an organisation, a music video, a TV commercial, or simply an idea. There is always a story. Our niche is finding a way to tell that story, to the people that matter, in a way that they love. This might take the form of a corporate documentary, or a promotional film, or an explainer video.

Nice people

When it’s all said and done, you want the process of making a video to be enjoyable. If you need your video to look great, speak to your audience, and accomplish measurable objectives – but you don’t wanna go through drama with a bunch of jerks to get there. Our team is down to earth, flexible, and friendly. We’ll make the production process a pleasure.