HD and UHD Colour Grading


Colour grading is one of the final steps in the video production process. It’s the cherry on the sundae (assuming you like cherries). In the ‘olden days’, colour grading was really a means to correct images that that was incorrectly, or not ideally shot. Hence, it used to be more commonly termed “colour correction”. Filmmakers wanted to improve problem shots or balance the tones of individual clips in an edit. Fast forward to today – with improvements in technology, hardware and software, platforms such as DaVinci Resolve have given colourists more power and better tools – resulting in more capability and scope to make adjustments to the filmmaker’s images. No longer is it just about “fixing” an image. Colourists are now able to use their imaginations, to push the barriers of colour, and use colour too add a look and “feel” to their productions.

Colour grading gives us precise control over colour, contrast, brightness and saturation. Manipulating these colour characteristics allows us to take visual quality of your video to a new level. The beauty of a great colour grade, is that it can also add another dimension to your video – so we’re not just telling the story through appropriately timed video cuts, we’re helping to create a mood and reflect an entire brand identity.

At Konkar Media, we love colour grading. We’ve seen countless films and corporate videos (from other providers) that were great, but could have been that much better, had they been treated with a nice colour grade. We really believe in it! When you work with konkar media, you can rest easy in the knowledge that EVERY project we create is colour graded to maximise it’s impact. Our small team of talented colourists care as much about your project as you do.

We’ve graded corporate films, TVC’s, music videos, web videos, training videos and more.

Colour grading is just one of the production services we offer. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.