Location Scouting

Set a tone for you video

Location, location, location! The location of a shoot helps to set a tone for your video. From the concept, script and storyboard, we will determine the best sites to capture the scenes of your video. Our team will actively search for the right spot to add that perfect touch.

There is much more to choosing a location than price, availability, or ease. The location has to make sense to the project or it can really take away from your final message. That’s why our years of experience are so valuable. Lesser production companies either don’t realise, don’t think about or in some cases, just aren’t able to secure choice locations with such limited networks and resources. With Ipermedia, this won’t be a concern. Our team has seen it all, and will carefully choose the best location for your shoot. Our partnerships and contacts around Brisbane give us the rare ability to be very choosey with perfect location. Never will we have to settle for something that will ‘just do’.

The options for locations are endless. Your shoot may benefit from a controlled studio environment that offers that clean professional look, while other shoots may benefit from an on-site location that shows the character of the business, and there are definitely many different options in between. We offer our vast knowledge and networks to you to enable us to create a unique video, shot at a unique location that will make your production ‘pop’. You can trust that Ipermedia is going to stop at nothing to provide you the most creative, stress-free and well planned video production in South Africa.