We demand the best

Now that your production is filmed it’s time to take it to the video editor. The home stretch! The video editor takes the raw footage and splices it together – cutting some footage, while highlighting others – to bring together the original concept, forming a narrative that people can connect with. Video editing is a tough job, from a both technical and artistic standpoint. It involves a fast paced growth of technology, which in turn requires constant upkeep on hardware, software, and familiarity with modern styles and programs. Sure, technology advances have made editing more accessible on a wider variety of computers.

We are experiencing a never before seen ability to shoot, edit, and create videos with ease, low-cost, and reasonable production value. That’s very exciting news, if you’re looking to experiment. However, the most cutting-edge videos with highest production value that separates you from the rest, requires high-end computing and top-of-the-line professionals. Our video editors are highly efficient and talented, because we demand the best. We employ the latest computer and editing technology to make their lives easier, while giving you the highest production values.

But just like anything in video production, throwing money at high-end equipment won’t magically make it a quality production. We highly value the creativity that our video editors bring to the table. We don’t see video editing as just cutting scenes together, but an important creative task that is part of the larger process of video production. That’s why we allow our editors to really express themselves through their work. This gives you a unique project that you will only get with konkar media.